Divine Healing Place

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“The skin cancer on my arm is gone! I am so glad I came for Theta Healing. I was able to cancel my surgery date and the doctor was baffled to see the ugly dark patch of skin that had been there for two years completely gone. It did not respond to any treatments.There is now skin that is so fresh it looks like a baby’s bottom”.
R.S. , L.A., Calif.

I went through every conceivable method and doctor to deal with my chronic liver disease for two years, the condition improved after 3 Theta sessions and was completely healed after just a few more sessions. Thank you so much!”
P.N., Sacramento, Calif.

“I have been battling anxiety and depression my whole life, This Theta Healing is so amazing, I am beginning to feel lighter and lighter and am feeling hope and optimism for the first time. The heavy darkness that hung on me like a shroud my whole life is simply no longer there. Thank you so much, Reginah.”
R.T., L.A., Calif.

“Thank you so much for all the love and compassion, your work saved my life at a time when I did not know where to turn to for help.”
D.G. North Hollywood, CA

“The hypnotherapy was a total success. I can’t believe how quickly and easily I released my fears and was able to drive on the freeways again, it is truly a miracle. Thank you!”
M.L. Long Beach, CA

“The doctor said I had to stop smoking or else he could do nothing for me. I had tried hundreds of times unsuccessfully over the years in the past. I stopped after one session of hypnotherapy with you. I can not even stand the sight of a cigarette.”
P.L. Encino, CA

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work with me. You have a true gift. I believe God sent me to you after I prayed for help.”
K. P. Reseda, CA

“I met my soul mate two weeks after we did the feng shui on my new apartment”.
M.F. Van Nuys, CA

“You have a true gift and I am so grateful for all the compassion, wisdom, and healing you gave me at a time when I was going through a terrible crisis. My wife and children are so grateful that I came to see you. We are all doing much, much better. Thank you.”
S.J. Los Angeles, CA.

“I had been trying to quit smoking for most of my adult life–about fifty years. The doctor told me not to come back to him unless I quit. I tried absolutely everything before coming to you. I feel like a miracle has happened to me. I quit after one session! And it has been three years without another cigarette. And it was easy and effortless!”
M. P. Los Angeles, CA.

“Today as I was doing my daily meditations you were upon my heart. I am therefore reaching out to you and sending you a long distance hug. You were instrumental in helping me begin my journey of awareness and awakening – and it continues moment by moment – and for that I am thankful. I still have GOBS to learn but I have come very very far. I sincerely hope you are doing well. Please know that I am thankful and grateful for you every moment.”
P. F. Atlanta, GA

“Dear Regina Perlmutter,
A few years ago, a friend of mine L,B,, had you Skype me at his home before surgery. It was so helpful and I was so relaxed and the surgery was a big success. I will be going under more surgery on April 3rd. I would love to have another hypnosis session with you.
I feel confident that with your help I can get through another surgery with great success and a minimum of fear and discomfort. Last time the doctors were astonished at how few pain meds I required and how quickly the incisions healed!
Thanks so much. You performed a miracle for me last time.”

J. S. A. Los Angeles