Divine Healing Place

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Feng Shui / Energetic Clearing

Feng Shui: The ancient Chinese art of placement is also an ancient science based on the way energy interacts between the environment and the individual. It is a powerful invocation and invitation to allow the optimal flow of CHI, or universal life energy, into our lives and homes. Feng Shui is about inviting all of the gifts of the cosmos — abundance, health, fame, success and loving, harmonious relationships into our lives. Just as our bodies need a free flow of the CHI in order to maintain optimum health, so do our homes and environments.

Energy Clearing: Homes take on thought forms and energies of all the occupants present and past, that have resided there. These continue to linger until they are energetically cleared.

Creation of Sacred Space: Transform your home and office into a soothing, healing, and spiritual environment custom designed for your enjoyment and spiritual upliftment. I will also custom-create magnificent altars and energy spaces designed for your own unique needs.

Energy Clearing is especially advised:

1) When moving into a new location.
2) After illness, death, divorce or other trauma.
3) When going through major life transitions.
4) If you’ve been feeling “stuck” in your life or career.
5) If you are experiencing chaotic, unpleasant, or cluttered energies in your environment.

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