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Reiki / Jo-Rei / La-Ho-Chi / Energetic Healing

Reiki practitioners practice hands-on healing and transfer beneficial energy, or Chi, in order to promote healing. It is a very ancient healing modality that originated in Asia but has been practiced by humans since the beginning of time.

Who can benefit  from Energy Healing?
Everyone, whether human or animal, can potentially benefit from Reiki or energy healing. Relief from anxiety disorders, insomnia, fears and phobias are commonly reported among Reiki clients. Enhanced and accelerated healing of body, mind, spirit are among the many benefits of Reiki or Energetic Healing. Reiki has been reported to greatly accelerate healing after surgery, trauma, injury, or illness.

How does Reiki work?
During a Reiki session the patient lies on a massage table, is sitting on a chair or even standing. Energy is then transferred from the practitioner’s hands to the client.

Reiki like other alternative medicine is being widely accepted in the Western world and its popularity is soaring  in Los Angeles. Besides Reiki, she provides other forms of alternative healing as well and may combine these with or during a Reiki session. Reiki can be very effective long-distance by telephone or Skype.