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Holistic Alternative Therapy

Holistic Alternative and Traditional Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit:

We live in a time when Western and Eastern medicine and healing have begun to merge. Let us apply the knowledge and wisdom we have learned to manifest a better you.

∗ Holistic Therapy for individuals, couples, and families.
LGBTQ community welcome.

∗ Available for sessions in-person, on-line, by phone or Skype.

∗ Currently treating national and international clients.


Areas of Specialty:


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, or panic disorders marked with feelings of dread and fear can often develop after difficult life events or unresolved childhood neglect or abuse. Such chronic anxiety can often lead to some serious health challenges such as recurring headaches, ulcers, insomnia as well as other psychosomatic disorders. I use a very powerful trauma clearing technique that frequently has resulted in astonishingly rapid and permanent relief from these symptoms in a surprisingly short amount of time. Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis can also help to bring relief from these and other debilitating symptoms. I teach meditation, a very useful tool that helps to bring about dramatic and positive improvement in the decrease of anxiety. Reiki is also a very effective tool to bring about deep relaxation and release from stress.


Overwhelming feelings of sadness, grief, or despair can often accompany or follow difficult life events or transitions such as divorce or separation, loss of a job or loved one through death. Psychotherapy focuses on encouraging the development of effective coping strategies that empower the client to resolve the crisis and to move forward into a more positive life direction.


Some clients suffer from seemingly irrational fears such as heights, driving, elevators, or even as in the case of agoraphobia, leaving one’s house. Sometimes the cause of such a fear or phobia is known to the client while other times the origin of the phobia may be completely unconscious. Such fears can also often be resolved easily and effectively with the combination of Hypnotherapy and other various techniques that I use.


I have successfully helped hundreds of clients in overcoming addiction to various substances such as tobacco, alcohol, or various drugs. Also addressed are various compulsive behaviors such as gambling, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, or sexual addictions. I have helped numerous clients to easily overcome their addictions to junk foods and to replace them with much healthier foods and life-styles. This can also be achieved easily through the use of Hypnotherapy.

Holistic Alternative Therapy
GRACE comes out of nowhere.
It can happen at anytime,at any place.
… Ammachi

LIFE IS LOVE. All else is imagined confusion.
… Byron Katie

I can be changed by what happened to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.
… Maya Angelou

Holistic Alternative Therapy
BLISS is your natural State.
All else is illusion.
… S. Germain