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Reference Point Therapy

Experience fast, instant, permanent Healing through the Miracle of Reference Point Therapy. Reference Point Therapy is one of the most powerful and effective healing systems on the planet today and has brought about truly miraculous healings in scores of people in an often astonishingly rapid fashion.

A new and amazing technique that is a fusion of various other modalities into one”super-technique”. Reference Point Therapy, or RPT, addresses issues or problems of body, mind, and spirit and is so effective because it goes back to the original creation of the issue and addresses the unconscious gain or attachment that is received from the issue. Thus, RPT allows a powerful release of negative emotions, physical pain or disease, negative habits, phobias, addictions, or trauma. This happens in a safe, gentle, and very rapid fashion. RPT practitioners have witnessed truly miraculous and virtually instant releases of chronic physical and emotionally disabling conditions such as migraine headaches, hip, or joint pain, depression, anxiety, etc., etc. etc.

RPT can support and empower you to transform your life and spare you years (and thousands of dollars) in traditional psychotherapy or other modalities.

This system is so powerful because it addresses all levels of any specific issue, life pattern, or disease—the healing is directed at the soul, ancestral, past life, and emotional causes or origins of any given issue or problem. It has frequently been known to completely reverse and heal chronic pain, life threatening diseases as well as numerous life issues stemming from unresolved and negative thought forms and belief systems. This technique can be done very effectively long distance by telephone or Skype.


“My agonizing hip pain that I have been struggling with for more than two years vanished completely in 15 minutes! I had tried everything—chiropractic, acupuncture and was at my wit’s end. It has been five months since our one and only session and I feel completely free of the pain. What a miracle! Thank you for coming into my life, SNR, San Francisco, Ca.

“My crippling anxiety and fear of public speaking was keeping my professional life as a banker in a state of stagnation since I could never contribute at meetings or gatherings with my fellow staff members. Thus, I was virtually unseen and unheard, unable to make my voice heard. I was stunned when this fear completely left me in one session. Thank you so much! ” SLM, Madrid, Spain